Sunday 7 January 2018

Peter Varney steps down at Ebbsfleet

Peter Varney has stepped down with immediate effect at Ebbsfleet United after five years as Chief Executive. Unusual timing coming mid-season and at the start of the transfer window. Initial Charlton-euphoria that this could signal a re-engagement at the Valley, where he lead the club so successfully last time around, has been tempered by concerns for the 63 year-old's health. Thousands of Charlton fans will be right behind you Peter, either way.

Elsewhere yesterday, reports of Karl Robinson telling fans in the car park after the game that he has been speaking with Duchatelet again and that he called him an idiot on more than one occasion - about time Karl, but a bit late for fan-sympathy. It appears he was told there will be no new players coming to the club this month despite having lined four up - he mentioned Birmingham City's midfielder Stephen Gleeson (formerly MK Dons - no surprise) as well as midfielder Samir Carruthers (previous Robinson target - no surprise). With a surplus of midfielders, you would have to assume at least one of these was a backfill for an exiting player, maybe Aribo or Holmes? I assume the other two were strikers because he would be laughed out-of-town if he just signed two more midfielders. 

In any event it appears to matter not because Duchatelet couldn't care any less and isn't wasting another penny on Charlton - just like so many aren't wasting another penny on Duchatelet. Time for a call for an all-out-boycott if the old fool is still hanging on come season ticket renewal time. Don't give him your money - keep it for new owners.


  1. Dave
    Re Varney

  2. Alain,

    Thank you - that clarifies a few things. Didn't know your were a reader of this blog but impressed your are so discerning in your choices!




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