Thursday 25 January 2018


I can't believe I am saying this, but, if Charlton Athletic don't sell anyone else in the remaining days of the transfer window, then there is half-a-chance that we might make the play-offs. I fully expected Konsa to have gone weeks ago but the word is that Liverpool and Everton are baulking at the £5m fee. The Kaikai deal looks off too but he looks less of a need now that 'winger' Michal 'paa-rty' Zyro is on board.

Konsa staying for the run-in would be a big boost and he will have something to prove in the shop window. With Pearce and Bauer closer to being fit again and Chris Solly back in the side, we can expect to tighten-up defensively. 

The midfield has never been short of options although a returning Forster-Caskey would be helpful. We will need Fosu to make up for Ricky Holmes' early season goalscoring and supply form. If we can manage that then it's just a case of can Josh Magennis find his scoring touch again and can Micahl Zyro weigh in with seven or eight goals that should give us a fighting chance of holding on to sixth and maybe challenging strongly in the play-offs.

The thought of Old Yellow Teeth enjoying the rewards of a Wembley visit is hard to take but if it saves him some face on the loss he takes on the club, then I could bear it. We would all know that an appearance there would be in spite of him, not because of him. Millwall finished in an unlikely sixth-place last year and managed to get-up, so there's no reason why we can't do it, if we can hold our nerve.


  1. When you say "can Josh Magennis find his scoring touch again" that suggests he had a "touch" in the first place. Did I miss that prolific streak of his? 😊

  2. So, from that post, I presume that you didn't partake in Dry January.


  3. Paul - I have said "if" and "half." Five more days to go....


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