Saturday 13 January 2018

Bury 0 v Charlton Athletic 1

Mark Marshall was there to tap in a winner after good work from Aribo to draw the defence for the cut-back. It was probably what Charlton deserved given several better first-half chances which saw Magennis miss twice and the post struck from a near own-goal. 

Bury looked every inch the worst side in the division but the points move Charlton back into play-off contention in sixth place. With Walsall to visit the Valley next Saturday, Karl Robinson will be hoping to be able to field a full bench which he couldn't manage today. That will likely mean we need another couple to return from injury.

The mood around today's match is very much one of anger and resentment, largely aimed at Roland Duchatelet as it becomes increasingly clear that he is asset-stripping either ahead of an imminent sale, or because now is the time in the January window. Ricky Holmes should be confirmed a Sheffield United player and the only possible glimmer of light from that deal would be if United give us long-term Robinson target Samir Carruthers in return. That doesn't help line Duchatelet's pockets but given the relatively small size of any transfer fee, he might decide to swallow that one and hold out to cream off the £4m expected for Esra Konsa.

Fans are calling for action and some sort of statement is expected from CARD in the coming days. The club is looking even more of a laughing stock than it has so far managed under the disinterested Belgian and there is a massive silence from anyone other than the manager (unlike Richard Murray not to take his opportunity), who is clearly venting his spleen at every opportunity - this evening's press conference at Bury will give him another chance to let rip. He's not exactly a unanimous favourite in SE7 but most appear to be enjoying his tirades aimed at the "bastard/idiot."

Next week promises to be a long one for all involved in the Duchatelet Saga.


  1. 6.30pm - Confirmation from Robinson that he wanted to take Carruthers in part-ex for Holmes but Duchatelet was only interested in cash. It's happening folks!

  2. Dave, I do think that Robinson wanted Carruthers and that he was prepared to use Holmes as bait. Something must have caused Holmes to get itchy feet and Robinson went public about Carruthers. Again at best I think Robinson has been naive at best. I’m afraid I’m not one of those who has much sympathy for the manager .

  3. Phil,

    Interesting theory that Holmes was bait (bigger than the fish). On that basis you might have expected us to pull out of the deal? Not sure I understand what you mean by Holmes getting itchy feet unless the deal has failed?



  4. Sorry Dave wrote that in a rush! I meant that I felt that Holmes was aware of the deal and once it was in danger of collapse because we wouldn’t be buying Holmes had his mind made up to go. I’m not sure I’ve made that much clearer but I hope you get the gist! Phil

  5. Phil - I guess it will all come out in the wash. Holmes will be a bigger loss than most appear to think, in my view, and clearly we need Carruthers more than Roland needs the money!

  6. Agreed and the flak that Ricky is getting from some quarters is totally unwarranted. He’s been a good servant and player for the club in the relatively short time he’s been with us.

  7. We knew Holmes would go didn't we. I actually feel sorry for KR, who on earth could manage a football club under RD, a poisoned chalice if ever I've seen one, KR is right to call RD a bastard personally I'd use CUNT.



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