Monday 15 January 2018

Holmes flogged, Konsa next

Confirmation as anticipated today that Ricky Holmes has been sold to Sheffield United. Ricky has acknowledged some of the criticism aimed at him in leaving as expected by talking about the clubs having agreed a fee and him having a decision to make but it's a promotion and whilst he would love to have done that with Charlton he has finally realised there's no chance etc.

As far as the Holmes deal goes, I made a big error of judgement the other day but saying I didn't understand all the commentators saying Holmes is overrated, can't cross, is greedy and so forth. There was I defending his technical abilities, superb goals, eager running and assists, only to find out today that he's really just a £400k League One midfielder at the end of his career. You learn something everyday.

Next asset under the hammer is Esra Konsa. The much speculated move to Everton, in the footsteps of his buddy Ademola, will happen in the next week or so but no rush because he won't be called on by the Toffees for some time yet. However, he is likely to go for ten times what Roland raked in for Ricky, and that will all drop into the Belgian's bin. "Lovely-jubbly" we say here Roly.

The good news for Karl is that he will be be allowed to use the wages (or part of them I am guessing) to fund another stop-gap has-been as we bid to win promotion.

Meanwhile, all eyes and ears are on Richard Murray as we await a takeover update from the de facto-Chief Executive. Never has the link between the supporters and the Owner been in more of a position of power and expectancy. 


  1. LOL if it was not so serious. No loans even. well done everyone and all departments at CAFC

  2. But obviously Konsa will be loaned back because Robinson said so.


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