Wednesday 21 January 2015


Tomorrow is the 22nd January and we have signed Tony Watt from the Mothership and taken a 19 year old rookie from Spurs in the shape of Milos Veljkovic. Still no news on Guy Luzon's work permit and you really have to wonder what on earth is going on? I assume Guy Luzon has been instructed to stay away from the training ground to avoid compromising his visa application.

Internet rumours about comings and goings have become fairly reliable as testified by Watt and Veljkovic and pretty much everyone else for quite some time now. If rumours are to be believed, you have to wonder if we will end the January window with a smaller and weaker squad than when we went into it - hardly believable and reckless if that proves to be the case. Marc Antoine Fortune certainly won't move the needle much if he joins.

Bulot, Tucudean, Ben Haim and Buyens are all said to want away and Mr Luzon appears to be the motivation for at least two of them if nor more. If that comes to pass Luzon's appointment will look very much like one of least cost and convenience, especially given the haste with which he was given the job.

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  1. Well I can't say I find the rumours surprising, thought that would be a certainty following Luzons ludicrous appointment.



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