Wednesday 14 January 2015

Peeters for Millwall?

It's not all bad....

Just seen that Millwall's players have responded to Holloway's rallying cry in the Sub-Standard this evening. They have raced to three-down against League One Bradford City inside 38 minutes. Some going, even by their dismal recent performances.

That is probably enough to seal Hopeless Holloway's fate but a couple more would almost guarantee it. Millwall's Nutty Turnout will not be happy as the useless ***** have muffed their chance to cause another major disturbance amongst the middle classes in SW10. I reckon Big Bob might be lighting his birthday cigar this evening.


  1. Normally, I would have laughed my bollocks off at this result but owing to the underwhelming appointment of Luzon, I couldn't even muster a titter, besides, I don't want Holloway replaced just yet.


  2. 'Nutty Turnout'
    #is crippsy still playing'


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