Monday 19 January 2015

The plot thickens

Bob Peeters spoke about his sacking to a Belgian football website today. He was clearly surprised and disappointed having been given reassurances about his position just last week.

He acknowledged that recent results had been poor but tried to put some context around it by saying we were pretty much where we were expected to be by year-end and were in-step with his agreed pre-season targets with the Master of Chateau Duchatelet. The plan, apparently, was for a quiet season and a mid-table finish, having brought some younger players on. Probably realistic and not out-of-line with Roland's own initial statements about breaking even and developing youth players, although it's hardly a ticket-selling policy or the ambition you might expect from someone worth half-a-billion sovs.

Big Bob also appears to have said (it was in Flemish) that Duchatelet thought he was exaggerating about the need to strengthen the squad and that his relationship with Katrien Meire had deteriorated. That was pretty much my view as posted yesterday and I assume Katrien's changing relationship simply reflected what she was told by her boss. My guess is Guy Luzon won't get the funds required to ensure Championship safety in the window and we are going to have to soldier on.

The final nugget was that Bob blames an English back-room assistant for putting the knife in. That is probably the most revealing claim. Peeters is indignant that he was sacked because of something said by someone less senior, although he isn't out all guns blazing denying whatever he was supposedly accused of. I take this to be just the smoking gun from whatever dressing room shenanigans have gone on.

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