Wednesday 28 January 2015

The signs don't look good

It's been bleedin' obvious to any Valley regular this season that our squad is too thin and lacks quality in key areas - midfield and attack - to prosper in the Championship. The supporters have all been saying the same and Bob Peeters is on record for having made the asks although he was turned down by the Master of Chateau Duchatelet. 

Yes, we did get Tony Watt  and we have brought in a loan youngster from Spurs in the shape of Veljkovic but that is short of what's required. Another inexperienced young loanee has also turned up in the shape of central-defender Muohamaduo-Naby Sarr. The trouble is, we need an experienced target man and potent width. Oh, and we needed them three weeks ago.

Guy Luzon's command of English isn't great but he was clear on "two or three" coming in, and we have four working days around the weekend in which to do it. It does look like Roly is going to roll the dice this time and take a chance.

With attention turning to Saturday, opponents Rotherham United warmed up for the six pointer last night by doing what we have failed to do all season and scored four goals in a game by beating Bolton Wanderers 4-2. Four different scorers got on the sheet, three of whom were subbed before the end, presumably to milk the applause of a thumping performance which saw the Millers go four-up.

It promises to be a dramatic debut for the animated composer Luzon on Saturday.


  1. I knew this post would put a rocket up Roly's jacksy. Looks like we have signed the experienced 30 year-old Belgian box-to-box player, Christophe Lepoint. On paper at least, he looks like the sort of player we may have been craving along with Veljkovic should give us more attacking options in the centre of the park. A genuine winger and a hold-up striker would tick the boxes, albeit late in the day.

  2. Dave, in fairness, Guy Luzon's command of English is quite decent. Where the problem lies is the difficulty he has with certain accents. His post match sideline interview went well with the first two interviewers (including Peter Finch!), but the third guy, with a rapid, south-east London accent totally confounded him, as has been the case with myself in certain instances and I grew up with "English" accents here in Canada. His own spoken English is competent,other than he has a heavy French accent, which makes it difficult for many. In short, he is more than capable of both comprehending others and expressing himself.

  3. Bob,

    In the unlikely event I ever engage him in conversation, I will remember to speak at half of my usual machine-gun patter.

    I would rather judge him by what he does than what he says...


  4. Exactly! A few wins and he can speak Chinese if he wants!


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