Thursday, 4 January 2018

Robinson unhappy with takeover hiatus

Karl Robinson has been airing his displeasure at the fact that ongoing takeover talks are likely to stifle any further spending in January. He was able to sign Stephy Mavididi on loan this week but that is a rough replacement for the injured Leon Best and we are still well short of what's needed to turn our season around. 

The big question is do you think Robinson is unhappy that talks continue during January which means Duchatelet is keeping his hands in his pocket or because talks continue during January which means we don't have new owners ready to splash the cash?

My view is very firmly the latter, given Duchatelet has never splashed the cash in January and I see no reason why he would this year, even without a potential takeover. Robinson is quoted in the article, saying "you don't know, if people come in, what the budget may be. There will be people who will be very football minded and will want to achieve something with this club." The obvious inference here that without people coming in, the owner remains uninterested in football with no ambition, which is, of course, exactly what we have had in reality for three years since FFP went south and it all became a damage limitation exercise for the Belgian billionaire.

What Robinson doesn't say, for equally obvious reasons, is that if a takeover completes in time this month, would new owners want to trust Robinson to bring in yet more players given his less-than-sparkling track record with new recruits or initiate the root and branch transformation ready for a fresh start in 2018-19? 

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