Saturday 30 December 2017

Wigan Athletic 0 v Charlton Athletic 0

Not sure too many saw a point coming from this match after Wigan's recent scoring splurge away from home, not even the 300 hardy souls who made the trip.

Kashi and Lennon made starts which Karl Robinson will hope are the first of many returning to first-team availability. I didn't follow the match but it sounds like there were chances at both ends throughout the game with Karlan Ahaerne-Grat going closest for Charlton in each half. Ben Amos earned his corn in goal again with a couple of fine saves.

Karl Robinson has been telling the local rags which positions he needs to fill in the coming transfer window although he must feel like he's going through the motions. Who can honestly see Roland Duchatelet spending anything he doesn't have to? Perhaps Robbo thinks new owners will come to the rescue? That presupposes a takeover deal concludes in time, that the new owners are willing to keep him on as manager and that they are prepared to let him spend precious cash strengthening a side they might rather someone else was shaping with next season in mind.

I heard yesterday that the club sold 200 match tickets for the Gills game within hours of the announcement on Thursday morning that Meire was going. I really do think it will be more like 2000 when Duchatelet leaves the building although that may depend upon the shape of any new deal. Anything that leaves him with a lingering interest and the Sword of Damocles hanging over us would queer that. 

The irony of selling 2000 more tickets under new owners could well be that the gate dips slightly because that won't be enough to replace Meire's customary and summary addition of a large dollop of complementaries to artificially inflate the official attendance. 


  1. Dave, personally, I hope Robinson stays, I think he's done as well as could've been expected, given the restraints put upon him, the players appear to respect him and getting Bowyer and Jackson onto the coaching side I thought was a great move. I hear the comments that he doesn't have a plan B, having seen so few games with KR in charge I will have to bow to other peoples knowledge but maybe he feels that he doesn't have the playing personnel to do this. I know his mouth can sometimes get the better of him but even this has been tempered during the season.

    I truly feel that we have the right backroom staff to get us out of League 1,hopefully,new owners will give KR the funds to have a decent tilt at promotion.

    Now, all of the above could just be a mixture of high takeover excitement /rich Christmas food and copious amounts of hooch.


  2. Top and honest post and many have been stating this and we Charlton supporters know our stuff, even though we don't get paid for it!!!


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