Thursday 28 December 2017

Rejoice! Meire to stand down as Duchatelet prepares to sell!

Truly great news for all long-suffering Charlton Athletic fans today. The club's PR machine has announced that Meire has decided to call it a day as Duchatelet prepares to sell the club. Formal admission from Duchatelet himself of "news of a potential takeover" is the big story but Meire's departure will be celebrated hard by Charlton fans who were repeatedly insulted and lied-to by the floundering Meire in 2015 and 2016.

Tempted as I am, I am not going to rehash the litany of Meire's ineptitude as Chief Executive, save to say that the club had to gag her a year ago when they appointed Pitch PR and then hired Tom Rubbashaw to end the succession of Meire-induced disasters. She has really played no part in proceedings since then and we have been spared the continuing string of really stupid decisions that were her trademark. Let's just hope that the footballing world ensures her next job is one she might be better suited to.

The statement from Duchatelet on the official site is exciting because I think the timing is critical and I am guessing we are now very close to a formal takeover announcement. He broke the ice last month by confirming to the Belgian press that he had no interest in football and that he was open to offers for Charlton Athletic. Today's announcement was sort-of expected on the back of that but it's still brilliant news to hear it and confirmation that the smirking witch won't be insulting us with her presence at the Valley any longer is icing on the cake.

It's been a long battle, but the fight to rid the club of the Belgians is nearing the climax and it would be fantastic to think we could be under new ownership at the start of the January transfer window.

We can't be sure what new ownership will look like or even if we will be completely free of Duchatelet's toxic presence, but whoever and whatever the deal is, we will at least have some hope and a fresh start which, if managed cleverly, should result in a financial and support-based boost. 

The record books will show that Duchatelet saved us from a very likely Administration when he took over in January 2014 but that his ownership has been disastrous for the health of the club as fans were turned-off in their thousands by an under-investment strategy which saw us relegated and then consolidated as a League One club, and by a lame Chief Executive who thought she could spin every poor decision and simply refuse to admit she was ever wrong, even when she was caught lying red-handed. Her defining moment in charge at the Valley came during the last home game of the 2015-16 season against Burnley when an inspired and courageous act of personal determination by a mother and son saw a bedsheet banner draped off the Upper West above the Directors Box with the word 'Liar' and that downward arrow that picked Meire out. Julie - I love you for that.

This could just turn out to be the best New Year ever.


  1. Does this mean you can be spending your Saturdays back at the valley rather than park view?

  2. 801912601 - It certainly does, although it's proven to be a salutory lesson. It's made me realise just how disconnected big money football is from what it once was. It's been refreshing to see players giving their absolute all for one another and trying to win matches every week. Hardly any diving or conning referees and no shortage of skill and commitment. No police in sight and fans who enjoy a drink during the game and opposing fans who talk and laugh with each other.

  3. Thanks Dave that's really well said and it sounds a lot more Charlton/ heartfelt than many other news reports. So happy I've that I've read most!
    Minimum requirement now is an owner/s who enjoy and are interested in football.
    But I'm really worried though as I don't know what Roland will do now on a Saturday, will he continue to watch his Charlton stream? Or be pining for de cloob whilst out shopping! I don't think he liked the threat of another Belgium protest, which was one of many miscalculations.

  4. Ding Dong the Witch is dead!

    Party time in Wigan tomorrow!

    Pembury Addick

  5. Yes! Fucking Yes!!!!!

    Happy New year from Andorra.

    I am shite at skiing as this Christmas holiday has taught me.


  6. Yes, great news Pete!! You haven't broken anything yet have you? Try and stay in one piece as we may be called on to reappear at the Valley some time soon.

  7. Yeah iss very bad news, except for the exenophobes, missoginists ard right n their ilk who are rejoicin on ere but Queen Kat was the best CEO we’ve ever ad n thass wot she’ll always be
    n all. All the best for the future to the Queen of CAFC n she’s always welcome dahn our gaff.

  8. A2C - I hope you are feeling' better and that you got what you asked Santa for at Christmas. I am sorry for you that your "Queen Kat" has gone as I know she meant a lot to you. If she ever ventures back to the Valley I am sure she will receive a very loud reception. Do you think King Roland will fight on to get us back in the Premier League or perhaps that he's trying to flog the club for as much money as he can because he couldn't give a shit about Charlton and hasn't done since his plan to scam FFP went south at the end of 2014?

  9. "Anon" at 1307 has got it, Dave. Just like Thatcher we can rejoice the departure, but the damage done can be everlasting (like still today)unless someone competent and experienced, and in touch with Charlton sentiment, swabs the stable clean. I have everything crossed for it to happen, and let me lift my home boycott. Good on yer for your constant supply of news and well-aimed criticism these last 3 years.


  10. 1st January - I would like to commiserate with the hundreds of Owls fans reading this and other Meire-related posts. You have all managed to do more due diligence on Katrien Meire than your owner. She does not deserve another job in professional football and certainly not at a club like Sheffield Wednesday. It would be impossible for her to make as many bad mistakes at Sheffield Wednesday, but 'Lazy Daisy' will have a go. Good luck, I suspect you are going to need it.


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