Sunday 31 December 2017

Happy New Year!

Best wishes to all Charlton Athletic supporters for 2018. We are long over a good year and there is every hope it could be this one.

I'd like to thank everyone who reads these pages and especially those of you who take the time to leave me comments. The statcounter tells me a bit about who visits but it's the comments that get me thinking. This year has been a low point for me in terms of posting, reflective of my relative lack of interest and I have considered packing it in but I am not a quitter at heart and I am still a fervent supporter of Charlton Athletic after forty years, albeit somewhat diminished recently.

Talking of statcounter, I am approaching the 1,000,000 visits milestone which works out at about 8,000 a month since I started in August 2007. Put another way, I average 475 visits per post, although the numbers have varied over the years as I have progressively posted less but received proportionately more hits per post.

Confirmation of a takeover in New Year should swiftly see me pass that one million milestone and I am hoping it revives my interest. I will be back, although it does feel like things have changed for me somewhere in all of this. Cynicism is ultimately unhealthy and it figures large given where I am at work and at play. Resolution for me this year is to cheer up and laugh more at the things I don't like and not let them affect me quite as much as I sometimes do.

Anyway enough of me, raise a glass this evening for 'us' and toast the end of the disastrous Duchatelet era, hoping it comes quickly and sees him exit completely. 

Charlton forever.


  1. N I'm wishin Roland, Karl, Katrien the best CEO we've ever ad the team n players a very Appy New Year. The campaign Charlton Fans Against the Exenophobes gets goin in 2018 so watch this space on ere n elsewhere.

  2. A2C - apologies, I should have given you a special mention - "most consistent commenter of the year" although I don't publish repeat posts, sadly, so most are wasted. Can't wait to see what the big CFAE campaign is. All a bit late once the Belgium Bastards have gone don't you think?

  3. PS Happy New Year (it's just after midnight).

  4. On reflection, if you called your campaign Charlton Fans Against the Xenophobes, you could abbreviate it to CFAX - see what I did there? No charge.

  5. Hope the Charlton saga will be over sooner rather than later,though have nagging doubts considering who we are dealing with.Not quite sure things ever really get back to normal as I think this has really dragged people down.Still as you say try to be positive as the new year is upon us.See you some time in the new year.

  6. If the Aussies get in I’ll be ready to spout lots of venomous xenophobic abuse especially if they employ a female ceo but frankly there’s no way Aussies would hire a Sheila for the top job, right?

  7. Happy new year - thanks for all your posts and don't quit!

    Pembury Addick

  8. All the best to you and yours Dave.


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