Thursday 14 March 2013

Hear me now oh Lord

I make a plea this morning to God's representation in persona upon the firmament. Pope Francis has emerged as a righteous defender of the poor and the meek. A man among us seeking to help those who suffer the most. A devout Catholic but a man who opens his mind to all religions and even non-believers. Pope Francis, hear my prayer.

Our people have suffered much hardship throughout our lives. The longer we have lived the greater the suffering. Random acts of kindness have surprised and sustained us but have served, ultimately, only to heighten the next inevitable dagger-thrust and fall from grace. We do not seek special favour, nor do we claim to be unique in our living torment. Instead we ask that the pendulum of fortune stuck fast be freed to sway a little.

Even now, at the moment of your accession, we are made to agonise as our neighbours are once again given access to the Gates of Heaven (albeit for a brief garden party). Show us your munificence Pope Francis and grant us some respite on Saturday.

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  1. Vatican network must have been down when you sent the plea, Dave.
    He favoured the heathen yesterday.


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