Friday 8 March 2013

Decisive 6 Nations weekend

Game 4 this weekend in the 6 Nations and England will extend their points difference at the top of the table to set-up a Grand Slam encounter down in Cardiff. Italy suddenly look like a broken side after their opening victory over the French and resistance on Sunday at Twickenham will be short-lived.

Meanwhile, north of the border in Britain's most civilised city, Scotland will take on Wales in what promises to be a feisty encounter with the winners looking to hang on to England's coat-tails. The Welsh know that they have the opportunity to level with England on points at the finish but they will rely upon hitting Scotland for six (tries) and praying that the Italians will be more stubborn on Sunday than is possible. Scotland, of course, have the same ambitions as the Welsh but cannot influence the result in that last match in Wales.

Scotland, meanwhile, will go looking for a rare third consecutive victory and I will be there to urge them on. An evening at Jamie's to soak up the beer and an early flight home on Sunday for Mother's Day. This evening we will entertain three Millwall visitors and will drown our collective sorrows over an Indian. I will be glued to my mobile after the Murrayfield action to see how Powell's redoubtables are getting on in Yorkshire's heartland.

Whatever you are doing, make the most of it.

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  1. Dave, Parisse will be back from his ban on Sunday, so expect a transformed Italy. We have our 2nd to last home game against bottom club Thanet Wanderers tomorrow, so I weekend I will be revelling in rugby all weekend apart from a bit of Advanced Driving.


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