Thursday 14 August 2008

More players to leave this week?

The Newsshopper has been uncannily accurate in it's on-line postings during the close season and is today suggesting that Jerome Thomas could be one of several more players to leave, possibly before Saturday. Alan Pardew is quoted as saying he wants to loan "three or four" out. If this is true, then the need to cut costs continues and it looks like slashing the wage bill is next in line as our saleable assets dry up.

Zheng Zhi is again being linked with a move to West Brom for c £2m and if Thomas was loaned out, you have to wonder who else Pards has in mind. Presumably some of the fringe players but the saving associated with their wages would beg the questions "is it worth it?" or "just how bad are things?"


  1. You have to laugh . I posted a comment a few weeks back that Fleetwoods signing was a complete waste of time because he would be out on loan by Xmas, even I didn't think it would be this quick .
    I suspect that the bank is now running the club , not really the directors

  2. I still can't see Fleetwood going out on loan - it would make a mockery of the decision to buy him and Richard murray's contention that we would only be bringing in players we anticipated using this season. You've got to hope Pards is thinking of getting youngsters toughened up when he says "three or four." Maybe Wagstaff or Wright?

  3. Blimey, I've just seen that Fleetwood has actually gone on loan! I have to read into that, that he's been a disappointment since he's arrived. Dean Sinclair on loan too, but I guess we already knew what a disappointment he's been. I suspect the next move with this pair will be to shuffle them off quietly.

  4. Dave,

    Where have you seen the news about Fleetwood & Sinclair ? Nothing on the Club site ...

  5. Sorry, only just pikced up your email. It was reported by the Kent Messenger first last night just after 6pm. If you don't already use it, is pretty quick with all things Charlton connected and invariably beats the Club Webmaster who usually has to wait for clearance from Board members before publishing his stuff.

  6. Well written article.


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