Wednesday 13 August 2008

Bailey looks the part

Nicky Bailey has duly signed in a deal worth "up to £700,000." I have been looking at what we might be getting and this article from Steve Claridge is very promising indeed.

What's more, Nicky Bailey actually looks like the player we need; not unlike a bulldog, close-cropped, pugnacious and ready-to-bite.


  1. Bailey now there is a 'Charlton name' if he is half the player Mike was we have one hell of a signing. We've need aggression and drive since Parker went.
    This is the most important signing of the summer.

  2. Couldn't agree more. If he goes on to give us a managerial season like his namesake then I'll look forward to that in the years to come. The club was in a mess in 80-81 when Mike Bailey got us promoted and it's a real shame because I felt we had the momentum and the manager to challenge in the second division if only he had been encouraged to stay.


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