Friday 15 August 2008

Amdy Faye signs for Stoke

At last we're shot of him. He was never going to give Alan Pardew any selection headaches this season but now the deal has been done and Tony Pulis has seen enough to convince him to "buy" Amdy Faye. I assume there was a fee and that it is relatively small as neither club wishes to disclose details. At least we know his wage burden has been removed and there will be a noisy welcome for him when he comes back to the Valley next season (assuming he's still at Stoke).

Amdy Faye was a disastrous Iain Dowie signing, probably the worst of the lot. He seemed out his depth whenever he appeared in a red shirt and I can't think of any redeeming features. His sojourn to Glasgow with Rangers last season seemed to fare little better and I am surprised that a Premier League club is prepared to take him.

Since I started this post I have been interrupted by my work on several occasions, enough to now see that Aswad Thomas has been loaned to Brentofrd for a month. A sensible enough deal and hopefully that's the comings and goings done for the week and we can settle down to the action tomorrow!

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