Sunday, 24 December 2017

Charlton Athletic 1 v Blackpool 1

The nightmare before Christmas continued yesterday with a grim  draw against relegation contenders Blackpool in front of another tiny home gate, laughably given out as over 10,000. Another game of two halves and another injury, this time to Leon Best which will probably signal the end of his brief Charlton career.

We were ok in the first half and a superb solo effort from Joe Aribo saw him weave past three defenders before opening the scoring. Leon Best had a couple of chances but failed to wrap the game up and after the break we were terrible. The Blackpool equaliser was coming for fully 45 minutes and when it did there was no way back.

Karl Robinson says he's desperate for the transfer window, although that sounds like clutching at straws because he isn't going to get what he needs. We are probably safe and that will do for Roland Duchatelet.

My money is on losing two from Konsa, Aribo and Holmes. I suspect we will get one for one back but they will be cheap wage deals only. At least there can be no more drivel about "building in the next window" from the hopelessly blind eternal optimists.

I have been in bed for 48 hours with flu so feel like the wreck of the Hesperus. However, a merry Christmas to all who frequent these pages.


  1. Yes think you might be right and have predicted this as many others. Yeah most laid up with Flu and can not shake it off either and weeks.
    Merry Christmas to you Addicks and don't mentione the "football" PMSL

  2. I find it hard to say, as I like Robinsons passion, but I want to finish this season with mid table, as this in my opinion would be the nail in the coffin for our 'unwanted guests'. If we lose any descent players, so be it. But as a dyed in wool addick who hasn't been for years with a 9 year old 'chomping at the bit' to get down there. I'm praying every night for us not to get promoted.

  3. Dave, you made me Google the Hesperus and so I am now enlightened on that! Hope you feel better soon and have a great Christmas! I think we'll all be raising a glass or two in the hope of better times ahead.

  4. Yeah I dont wot it is but I n arf got a bad cold n all n cant shake it off n thass after a flu jab n all. Queen Kat the Queen of CAFC is workin ard to get ourn promoted so less all give credit where iss due on ere.

  5. Could have sweated it out at that five finger death punch concert you lightweight.

  6. I thought Hesperus might be a new Greek player we are buying, who is injured already!Get better and have a good one!

    Pembury Addick


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