Tuesday 15 September 2020

RIP Dr Kish

Very sad news today of the death of stalwart fan Chris Thompson. He had his health challenges but today's news still comes as a shock. Chris was better known as blogger Dr Kish (Frankie Valley before that) and a regular at home and away games. 

His output on all things Charlton Athletic was prodigious and a sign of just how central the club were to his life. His blog records nearly 8m visits to his site since 2008. Chris was always close to the action and had a good idea what was going on inside the club and you could rely on his site for the latest news. 

God bless you Chris.


  1. Really sad news. RIP Chris and condolences to the family.

  2. Very sad to hear the news. Over the last few years we often traded emails and never had the chance sadly to meet him. The one chance we had when I was over from California last year it was the first game he was going to miss for many years due to some treatment. RIP Chris - Thankyou for your love of Charlton


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