Monday 7 September 2020

Elliott wins right of appeal

When we were told not to worry last week, after Paul Elliott got a seven day injunction for consideration of his right to appeal, you wanted to believe the confidence of those telling us. It was only another week's delay and Thomas Sandgaard still had work to do before being able to complete his purchase. We would still have a couple of weeks in which to replace the players we lost during the close season if we could get the transfer embargo lifted etc..

But as Charlton fans, we should know better. Nothing is ever straightforward at this club. Nothing. So this afternoon, another overpaid Judge decided to grant Elliott an appeal which will be heard in the next fortnight. Irrespective of the outcome, Lee Bowyer can say goodbye to any further squad strengthening. Once again he is going to have to start a season with his hands tied behind his back. 

Meanwhile, Paul Eliott, fights to barge back in front of Thomas Sandgaard (and Andrew Barclay) to take control and, as he told us in his open letter last week, make the club successful again. Yes, the same bloke who has ensured Bowyer can't prepare his side for League One. The same Paul Elliott who was nominally owner as we went down just a few weeks ago. What an impact this bloke has had and he's never actually owned the club. Just imagine what could happen with him properly in charge.

Thomas Sandgaard has tweeted that we should not panic as things will be sorted. All well and good but I am done with this and my personal opinion is now that these scumbags must be stopped from profiting from our club. I don't want Sandgaard or anyone else to pay his ransom. If he were to get control again, I hope all interested parties stand back and let him suffer a few more month's running costs that will surely bankrupt him and his dodgy backers. It would almost definitely mean Administration but things are now at the stage where that is a risk we should be prepared to take. Ensure these conmen get nothing, clear the club of it's debt and break that ridiculous asset clause with Roland Duchatelet.

One added bonus if this were to happen is that Paul Elliott may feel emboldened enough to return to the Valley, where he is now guaranteed a much warmer reception than during the lockdown end to the season. Roland Duchatelet told us he was too fearful to attend home games but that was just his lame excuse. Paul Elliott would be able to use the same excuse with very good justification. You can add all the other chancers to that list now as well.

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  1. Rumours of fresh fields doing their thing and TS mugging the mancs and fast tracking to Roly. Hope it's true.


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