Sunday 2 December 2012

Millwall 0 v Charlton Athletic 0

I said before the game I would take a draw and we duly got one.

It was a very decent Charlton performance without our Captain although, typically, he was behind the goal with our fans doing his bit to support the side. First thing first then, I thought Dervite had a very solid game and Leon Cort was counted alongside him as he shackled Chris Wood. Chris Solly was the man-of-the-match by a country mile and that included both sides. Danny Seaborne was better than he has been of late, but he needed to be and that gave us the foundation for the clean sheet. 

Our midfield worked tirelessly against a determined Millwall centre although they got the upper hand and did more damage, especially in the second-half when they stretched the game. Upfront Yan Kermorgant and Rob Hulse fed on scraps and Hulse looked like a man trying to knock a wardrobe over against Danny Shittu. It looked to me like we were crying out for Danny Haynes or Bradley Wright-Phillips much earlier but supply was limited to be fair. Kerkar had a poor game down the left and Pritchard wasn't much more effective in getting down the right. Jackson and Stephens were much busier in the middle.

Millwall have a very definate style coming forward. They play in set patterns and they look to do a lot of juggling and flicking, as they bring more players into the attack. They created a number of opportunities but only came really close once in the first-half when Warren Feeney connected six yards out but slid his shot across the face of goal when anything on target would probably have beaten Hamer. In the second-half and attacking the Cold Blow Lane, the Lions had us back-pedalling and defending a lot of corners but there was no sign of the panic displayed in the Posh match and they were limited to long range pot shots, several of which scared the goal-frame and one of which Ben Hamer had to help over the bar. Chris Solly made a goal line clearance towards the end which represented Millwall's best chance to break the deadlock. I am sure one would have lead to two but it wasn't to be for Millwall.

The draw maintains both sides unbeaten runs but was obviously a better result for Chris Powell.

I thought our support was fantastic yesterday. We filled our end and made a lot of noise, things we haven't always done in this, our most local of derbies. I don't think we need to apologise or to be embarrassed about that. Millwall fans have made it very uncomfortable for visiting supporters to attend games and they have bullied and abused us on every visit. We are very used to the throat-slitting gestures of the eegits who choose to sit as close as they can to the visiting supporters and who contort their faces in rage and posture throughout the game. Personally, ignoring these saddo's is the best response because it's the one they can't handle. However, I do know how tempting it is to respond and they can hardly complain if they get some back.

The "Jeremy Kyle....he's coming for you" line was a cutting observation of the differences between more of our fans than theirs and it was probably what wound them up more than the smoke bomb and flare which was thrown onto the pitch at the end by Charlton fans.

Personally I left at the whistle with my two mates and we made our way home as quietly as possible. I chose to avoid New Cross or South Bermondsey so can't comment on the argy-bargy that went on. Millwall fans should do well to think about their behaviour in these games over the years and Charlton fans should also remember that we are not Millwall and for that reason, getting too lairy when we play them is pretty short-sighted. 


  1. Couldn't agree more with the final sentance. Let's hope Eunice (Shapes) doesn't have to cover further glazing fees next March.

  2. The Charlton support was excellent and it was great to see the away end full. The throwing of the flare was stupid and dangerous. The game was very one sided and in 96 minutes charlton failed to have a single shot on goal M of match was adam smith of Millwall different class.

  3. "Jeremy Kyle" chant - wicked! But would they really have understood it?


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