Monday 31 December 2012

Best Wishes to Addicks everywhere

We head to Vicarage Road tomorrow for what is usually a tough game. Over the years I can't readily remember any easy games against the Hornets. In fact, it's been a long time since we last recorded a win against them - 17 years - and current form suggests we won't do it tomorrow either.

Dervite will most likely return to central defence for the suspended Morrison and I am guessing Danny Haynes won't make it either as he eases his hamstrings. A repeat of the battling display at Millwall in early December looks like as much as we might realistically hope for. I am spending my New Year's Eve with my wife's twin and her hubby down at Halling. I will probably be the first adult up tomorrow and, therefore, the tiredest as I look after the kids and their Staffie takes me for a walk. I have already decided that a trip around the M25 to the other side of London will be too much and instead I plan to get home in time to tune in to the battle.

I would like to wish all of my visitors and returning readers a very happy and prosperous New Year and would particularly like to thank those who regularly comment which makes blogging feel a bit more worthwhile. So, in no particular order, thanks and best wishes to Pedantic Peter, Bob Miller, Tony P, Chicago Addick, Pembury Addick, Mike Barry, Geoff, Hungry Ted, SM, Sciurus Carolinensis Nemesis, Daggs, NYA, Thamesmead Irons, Wynn Grant, Aido, Suze, KHA, Scoops, Algordon, Marco and Crowborough Addick.


  1. My first choice for sensible discussion of the football club that I love. Happy New Year to you dave! Hong Kong Addick

  2. Dave, Happy New Year to you and your family. COYR!

  3. Always a pleasure to read your blog Dave - where you and CA get the time and inspiration from I'll never know.

    Son and I are up there tomorrow by coach from Dartfordians - so an early start but a chance to stack some ZZZs!

    Poem bury Addick

  4. PA - thanks and good luck for tomorrow obviously. Sorry but I had to re-enter your post having hit tiny delete instead of tiny publish, and it's still early!

  5. HK - glad to hear it - you should be asleep by now but Happy New Year!


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