Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Tom Soares joins on loan

The Newshopper is reporting that we have signed Tom Soares on loan from Stoke City. Not sure why this is being done as a 93-day emergency loan - presumably to give Stoke the cover they need to recall him but I don't see why they couldn't negotiate that anyway. It also lends some credence to the rumours about Gray going in the other direction although the comment here is that the Gray move hasn't worked out.

I have to say that I hadn't realised Soares had left Palace. He's obviously not getting much of a look-in at the Britannia and will probably be glad to get a game back in south-east London. No doubt he'll look forward to scoring against Palace in 13 days time. He's in the same boat as Lee Cook for me, a good reputation but no direct opinion, so I'll reserve judgement until I have seen him in a red shirt. He will at least provide more competition for Lloyd Sam who looks like he needs it to keep him focused and playing with maximum urgency and focus.

Meanwhile, Man City look like they've lost the plot and are prepared to waste £100m in signing one player. Kaka has already said he wants to "grow old" at AC Milan but the money looks like it might be speaking and his management team are now open to offers (you don't say?). If City can afford to pay this without blinking then they they have a nerve charging their fans to watch them play.

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Suze said...

At last it shows on the Charlton site. It says a months loan, and with Izale McLeod going to Millwall until May...