Monday, 12 January 2009

Murray adamant no administration

Richard Murray has today spoken about the decision to appoint Phil Parkinson. In his interview for the South London Press, he has also said that the Board "will not let the club go into administration."

On the appointment of Parkinson he says that Phil was the best choice because he has experience of leading a side to promotion and because he was already familiar with the club and the players. He compared the appointment to that of Curbishley and Gritt who were also appointed from within whilst there was a clamour for an external big name appointment. I think those statements on their own might have been fair comment but he then goes on to say that Phil Parkinson could have won every game since he's been manager because of improved performances which is stretchin g credibility and smacks of a desperation to convince us that Parky is the right man. It will be interesting to see how much longer this remains Murray's view, particularly if we are relegated which looks a foregone conclusion at this stage and with the run we are currently suffering.

His comments about administration are reassuring a day after I was ruminating on it becoming a greater risk as the financial crisis deepens and relegation gets closer. He says the Board "care too much to let that happen." I am sure they do but I can't think of too many, if any, football club Boards who haven't care enough and let their clubs go into administration - and plenty have. Administration is what happens to you when you cannot meet the wage bill or keep your creditors at bay. Perhaps what Richard is saying is that the Board are prepared to fund the club if necessary to keep it afloat even if they are having to make very difficult managerial decisions at the moment because we don't have the money, or maybe more accurately, are keeping what we do have to avert the worst possible scenario.

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Billericay Dickie said...

I have lost all respect for Richard Murray.

Everyone connected with Charlton believed that Richard Murray had a shrewd football business brain, but how wrong we all were. Clearly he got very, very lucky when he appointed Alan Curbishley. Since Curbs was pushed out of the door Murray has stumbled from one bad decision to another. His original decision to appoint Dowie (not the best manager available, and probably only done to spite Palace) was the start of this nightmare. From Dowie it has gone from bad to worse. To now a disaster.

The club has now become the laughing stock of football. Now we have the Chief Clown Richard Murray saying this. Does he really believe this crap that he his being quoted as saying.

Most people learn from mistakes, when you burn your fingers you don't put them back in the flame, but not Richard. He learnt absolutely nothing from the Les Reed fiasco. We now have the worst manager in the Clubs history, managing the worst team in the Clubs history, all overseen by a chairman who thinks the manager is doing a good job. UNBELIEVABLE

Remind to go out and buy a pair of those special rose tinted glasses that Richard Murray must wear because he is watching different performances to the rest of us.