Friday, 23 January 2009

First steps to new look team?

Mark Kinsella is quoted this morning saying that we are close to signing Ulises de la Cruz and Ishmel Demontagnac, both of who are free agents having been let go by their last respective clubs, Reading and Walsall. 

De la Cruz is 34 years old and described by Wikipedia as "a retired Ecuadorian footballer." I can't see the wisdom in signing him, even if he's only on £500 a week. 

Demontagnac is at least a prospect, being only 20 years old and his problems stem from his temperament, not his ability. he will at least be affordable in terms of League One and I suspect we will see another 6-12 of these "anonymous" signings before we kick-off in August and more players from the existing squad will be sold off in the ongoing financial readjustment.

As suspected, the disappointing Martyn Waghorn has gone back to Sunderland where I suspect he's going to continue to struggle to get a first team game.

Tomorrow we will be forced into yet another team shuffle to accommodate those ineligible to play and that should give Plucky Parky the first few sentences of his post-match press conference.


Jan Becher said...

As a Charlton supporter based in Birmingham I have just been informed by my Aston Villa supporting colleagues that he is known here as "Useless" de la Cruz....

Dave Peeps said...

Jan - thanks for that local knowledge. I've never seen him play but I had kind of formed that opinion already! - Dave.