Friday, 9 January 2009

Bouazza and Brown

Expect a storm of indignant protest from the Valley today as Birmingham City have stolen Hameur Bouazza from under our noses. Apparently he had a clause in his season-long contract that enabled him to move in January. If he plays at the Valley on 11th April, he can expect a very warm welcome.

In the meantime, we are being linked with another ex Colchester United player. This time it's 31-year Hull City squad defender Wayne Brown. In terms of the state we're in and the need to dig deep, I think you can forgive Phil Parkinson for turning to players he knows and trusts. Longer term you would hope he might broaden the search.


Suze said...

I saw last night that McLeish was interested, and thought we'd got another Smertin case. I was hoping that his contract had been written a little tighter though. Seems not!

I found Parkinson's comments interesting too.

"We had an agreement for the season with Fulham, but there was a recall clause in there and that can be activated. "I'd like him to stay, but I also want players who want to roll their sleeves up and fight. This is a big club and people have got to be ready for the 20 cup finals ahead of us. Hameur's a good lad, a good professional, but I don't want any disaffected players around the building."

That sounds as though he was a most willing participant. I would think that possible April welcome will be very warm.

Dave Peeps said...

Suze - I was wondering about the contract as well but I guess he and Fulham had all the leverage when these discussions were taking place. I guess it may have something to do with Fulham getting more money or with him being allowed a move to a club 20+ places higher than us in the Championship! I've made a note to get a seat closer to the touchline for the Birmingham game.

Anonymous said...

Good riddance , Bouzza played all the games to put us where we are , bottom of the league , he was part of the problem not the solution .
My only concern is that it brings back Ambrose who was actually the cause of all our problems to start with
We can't win , can we ?