Thursday 29 December 2022

Oxford away - a home game for our would-be new Board

At home games at the moment there is much interest in who is in the Directors Box. Charlton fans are people-spotting and putting two and two together with regard to the impending takeover of the club.

Well, it should be equally, if not more interesting this evening at Oxford United. Some of those representing Charlton won't know which scarve to wear. Charlie Methven will be looking forward to seeing his team play his soon-to-be new club. 

New Technical Director, and chum of Methven, Andy Scott, played for Oxford for three years, so he will be another with divided loyalties I would imagine. 

Ed Warrick, Property Negotiator, our new Finance Director will presumably be there with his partner Methven in their new SE7 Properties venture as well.

And finally, Mystic Meg brings a new name, that of Simon Lenagan. She tells me he is also floating around the would-be new Charlton Athletic board. Lenagan is an interesting character who has fingers in many pies. His Twitter bio says "Actor, Writer, Producer, Sport, Software & Education." His father, Ian, is a former owner of Oxford United, a role he only gave up to become EFL Chairman. Simon has served as a Director of Oxford United previously.

I checked his Twitter feed (@SimonLenagan) and he has two recent additions who have yet to follow him back - Charlton Athletic Football Club and Dean Holden.

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