Friday 24 December 2021

Merry Christmas!


Christmas Eve and I am wishing everyone who lands here a merry and peaceful Christmas!

It's that time of year where there are usually nine points to be won and lost and the promise of the New Year. The Third Round of the F A Cup adds some early excitement too if we are still in it.

This year looks likely to be a bit of a mess. Covid is severely hampering the schedule and we surely can't be far away from a complete break being called. Our game at AFC Wimbledon has already been called off and the home match against the Gills on Wednesday is almost certain to follow. We are due at Wycombe on New Years Day and then follows that F A Cup tie against Norwich City on Sunday 9th January.

My guess is we will be lucky to get to see one of those which will personally make it a duller Christmas and New Year than normal.

Good news just in, that the club have reversed the decision to close the most popular section of the ground - the upper tier of the Covered End - for the F A Cup clash against Premier League Norwich City. All I can say on the original decision is that it was made by someone who does not understand what being a Charlton fan is all about. Preventing season ticket holders from occupying their regular seats and dispersing the Covered End Choir. I wouldn't mind so much if the business case was material, bit with the lower tier remaining open, that was clearly in doubt.

Also today an announcement that the owner's son, Martin Sandgaard, has been appointed Director of Analysis. The good news here, as far as I am concerned, is that the announcement appears to distance Ged Roddy from any involvement in the playing or recruitment side. I take that as a tacit acknowledgement that his role during the Summer recruitment wasn't viewed successfully as many of us have suspected. It will be interesting to see what Sandgaard Junior brings to the role. Hopefully he won't have anything as like as much clout as his long time predecessor, Thomas Driesen had over player recruitment and interference in team selection. A positive influence, of course, would I am sure be welcomed. It would also be great if he could help loosen the purse strings because his father's talk of "a minimum of one in" during the January window, will be leaving our season to chance once again. 

In the meantime, merry Christmas once again and Up the Addicks!


  1. My thoughts entirely Re; Roddy.

    Have a great Christmas Dave, hope you and the family have a good one.



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