Thursday 17 January 2013

Charlton Youth 2 v Chelsea Youth 3

I had every intention of going last night and checking on our future. That was before I got absorbed in another day in the office and found myself home a train home after 6pm listening to five very posh students on their way for a night out. I thought they might be heading for the O2 as they were talking about visiting a local pub "beforehand." One of them was sporting a Man United scarf, the sort that has a date and commemorates a match. I could see the 2012 but couldn't make out the opponents. Then it dawned on me - they were heading somewhere to watch the Man U v West Ham match on Sky. I has seen Micky Bergman and Son at Charlton station through the morning darkness in casual clothes with a holdall en route to cheer on their beloved Hammers.

I was wrong. As I listened for more clues, the girl in the group wondered if they would have reserved seating and enquired if they would be behind a goal. Yes, they were headed for the Valley and remembered our date with Chelsea. Given their cultured tones and uni conversation I assumed they were Chelsea fans, although I am sure I caught a glimpse of the sword on that Man U scarf before we reached Charlton - 2012? As I scurried along Floyd Road I was impressed by the number of people heading for the game at twenty to seven. This looked like it would be far bigger than the usual 2000 gate for these high profile youth cup fixtures. 

Sean's burger van opposite the Club Shop was open and he had a decent queue. It was then that I saw the fixtures board and clocked that kick-off was 7pm! I wasn't going to manage a quick enough turnaround as I had a small job to do when I got it. Oh and it was perishing cold or "Pearl Harbour" as our Cockney cousins might put it. As I prepared to go, the warmth of home got to me and I was reminded that Africa was on at nine. Sorry lads but I wimped out.

Blackheath Addick proved more of a man than me though, so I have caught up with another glorious failure. As he says, there is no shame in defeat to Chelsea given their pulling power huge net and we ran them very close into injury time.

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