Friday 2 December 2011

Win number eight?

Looking ahead to tomorrow's second round F A Cup tie with Carlisle, we appear to have lost sight of just how impressive our current run is. Seven straight wins and I am confident tomorrow will be the eighth as long as we don't field a seriously weakened side. It would be fantastic to be returning to the Valley on 17th December against Oldham going for ten-in-a-row having won at Walsall.

After another frantic working week, I have caught up today with the big South London derby story from last weekend. No, not the 15,000 crowd but the emergence of the Palace Utras! They have managed a You Tube post of themselves huddled together in a (presumably remote) pub before the Millwall game. They are all dressed in black and are leaping around Italian-mentalist style singing "South London is ours!" The singing is deliberately loud and it succeeded in attracting the police escort that saw them safely shepherded to their own ground. Hilarious.

The Laughable Newsshopper online also carries the email banter between these two heavyweights in terms of which of them is South London's biggest club and most passionate fans. The Millwall fans are on the wind-up of course, because they know their place in the scheme of things but the delussional Palace fans can't see it. After all, South London is theirs. So sure of themselves, I believe they are voting on changing their name, emblem or colours again as they look to break out of their Small Man Syndrome.

Just seen their Ultras bouncing up and down banging their drum on the Friday night game. Cringeworthy.


  1. It must be about time they changed their kit again. I always thought a yellow stripe would suit them.

  2. That would be as appropriate as arrows on Millwall's kit!


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