Saturday 12 November 2011

Russian Roulette

It has to be done, but tomorrow's First Round F A Cup tie at Halifax is one most Addicks fans will watch from behind the settee or through their fingers. Our cup record is so dismal, it's amazing that we have actually won the F A Cup and made it to another proper final, although I often think we must have caught the rest of the country napping after the war.

I am back from a day down in Brighton where I fell on my sword and gave up the chance of a seafood extravaganza at Riddle and Finn in The Lanes for a "Mediterranean Vegetarian/Vegan" meal at Terre a Terre. This was in honour of my Niece who we were visiting to see how she has settled in at Sussex Uni. All well apart from collecting three driving points en route. Eighty-eight miles an hour, I ask you.

Anyway, I have just caught up with today's scores as well as Kenny Miller's stunning goal in Cyprus for us Jocks. Biggest scalp and warning for tomorrow, is that a below par Huddersfield were skelped 4-1 at Swindon. Wycombe also fell down and embarrassed themselves at non-league Fleetwood.

I know we have other fish to fry (not just 'Addock) and that Chris Powell will change the side around tomorrow, but I have a feeling we might see a stronger than expected line-up. The F A Cup offers us the prospect of two or three additional gates and a third round clash with top opposition could see us fill the Valley once again. That would mean real cash into the club and I suspect that would be particularly welcome in a year when Jiminez and Slater will want to show some decent numbers to match the success on the field to help persuade the big money men to hold their nerve and, hopefully, gamble a little more. Maybe wishful thinking on my part but a home tie after this should see us into the third round draw and the chance of some big money.

We should see Halifax off tomorrow and I am backing our boys to do the job even if laying off a bit of money on the Shay Men could recoup my anticipated speeding fine.

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