Friday 12 February 2010

Promotion for Varney?

In a surprise move yesterday, Peter Varney resigned from the Charlton board for a second time and less than six months after re-joining the club.

Ordinarily, I would see this as a portent of doom - we certainly didn't prosper after his last departure, although the writing was on the wall and he would probably have been unable to change the course of events that befell the club. However, he rejoined the club with his eyes wide open so even the prospects of another painful close season shouldn't be the reason for his latest exit. Rather, that his impressive CV has landed on the desk of a club in desperate need of solid management and that he's about to be appointed. Let's face it, there is no shortage at the moment. Wyn seems to have a sniff that it's West Ham, although I thought that was Karen Brady's job and a club that has the CEO turning lights off at night might struggle to pay for a second chief.

Either way, I am hoping for an announcement quickly to clarify the situation and rid me of my natural cynicism that Peter's motives are driven by something altogether more unpalatable.

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