Thursday, 20 April 2017

Season over

If it wasn't mathematically certain following our 3-0 humbling of Medway's finest on Saturday, it was confirmed last night with Bury taking a point from Bolton Wanderers. We are safe for another season. All that remains is the paper challenge for Karl Robinson to avoid a stain on his copy-book and another blot on the Regime's of Charlton Athletic finishing in their lowest league position since we made our way through the leagues in the 1920's.

We have two games left against teams below us in the table which will determine things. Saturday's visit to already-relegated Chesterfield is not likely to get the pulses racing and you would expect us to collect points but it will likely be a case of who's bothered most. Swindon Town may be relegated on Saturday if they fail to beat Scunthorpe in Wiltshire and either Bury or Port Vale can manage home wins against Northampton and Bolton Wanderers respectively. 

I won't be at either game so my season is finished and I reflect on a season where the compelling attraction of forty years has finally been broken. Never for me a sense of entitlement or even of match-to-match expectancy. Buying power played no part whatsoever in attracting me in the 1970's like a moth to a flame. The relative highs and lows of the 1980's didn't affect my devotion either as I saw more than 90% of all games played, home and away. I did less away games in the 90's but still saw more than 75% of all matches. I kept my averages up during the Premiership years of the 00's and even the Championship and League One after our second relegation although there was, understandably, less of a draw to away games.

It's been a struggle to go to away matches for a few years now and certainly since Duchatelet started watching us on TV but I remained a regular at the Valley. That ended with me stopping my season ticket this year for the first time since I was in short trousers. I knew the likely consequences of this and so it has proved. I have just done a count and I actually only saw ten home games this season. I thought I had at least done half of them. Away from home it was limited to Bradford (with a mate back from overseas) and Coventry to support their protest. So, a little more than a quarter of all games....

As I have said previously, there is no chance of me renewing next season if Duchatelet is still ignoring us and Meire still smirking at us. My Wife has lost all interest. I am still in love with the beautiful game, even if The Regime has severely tested me. That season ticket at Welling or Ebbsfleet is looking more attractive. I like the idea of watching a club again that has ambitions and a realistic plan and who is honest with it's supporters. Success isn't the be-all-and-end-all but hopelessness and duplicity is intolerable. It wouldn't be like watching Charlton but it would be more enjoyable than watching Charlton under the Belgians.


  1. Three wins from those 12 games too. Poor but in line with the season I guess.

  2. Dartford FC. I know a few blokes who go there nowadays. Decent standard,few beers and a laugh. What football should be about.

  3. Ebbsfleet real ambition ! massive budget and underachieving what rubbish.
    so bored of these same poor me stories, support or go away and stop telling us

  4. Real ambition in relation to Duchatelet. I said nothing about a massive budget - it's an inadequate budget coupled with complete mismanagement at the top. We are very obviously under-achieving although if you stick your fingers in your ears, close your eyes and go 'la-la-la-la-la' you might somehow convince yourself otherwise. You might be bored but the clowns killing this club are doing a spectacular job and sheep like you who are clearly prepared to suck it up and take whatever crap's thrown at you deserve it frankly. The damage being done to CAFC and to it's fanbase continues and an increasing amount of that will be permanent. The club would never have recovered from the move to Selhurst without supporters with a bit of backbone but I am guessing you might not be old enough to remember that. Oh and if you don't like hearing it, don't read it - no-one forces you to visit.

  5. I have taken M/s NightMeire at her word... as a "customer" I no longer enjoy the product that she and her 'boss' are providing at the Valley so I have taken my custom elsewhere. No, I will NOT be watching another club - I now save a fortune over the season by spending my Saturdays at home, or in my home area, doing other things - ending the day refreshed and without the disappointment and frustration that I experienced on the long journey home from the Valley on the few occasions I went last year.

    Well done M/s NightMeire - you, and you alone, have broken my 'habit' of 50+ years. I will return to my usual part of the ground in the future - but only after you and Dushatalot have sold up - in total - and gone back across the Channel.


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