Monday, 28 November 2016

Charlton Athletic 1 v Sheffield United 1

This was the fifth home match in all competitions that I have missed this season. I planned a weekend in Amsterdam with my wife for her birthday which was a no-brainer given the state of Charlton Athletic Football Club. I have to say that I didn't even think about the match during the afternoon and it was early evening before I learnt that we had sneaked another undeserved point via a another late, late goal, the sixth time we have done it this season. As we know, these things have a habit of evening themselves out over a season so we can expect to lose points in similar fashion. Millwall to score two late goals to snatch a draw next month?

Anyway, I was pleased to see that those who care enough to do something about the predicament we are in were out protesting again and that we managed to stop the match once more with a hail of rubber taxis. It would appear that some of the fans we have who are pre-disposed to Duchatelet but can't bring themselves to protest, because they think the nature or the protests aren't direct enough for their liking or that they think it's all Rick Everett's doing, are now becoming quite aggressive and threatening via the internet. Internet warriors - how pathetic? I believe some were also more directly disrespectful and anti at the match. This is a sad state of affairs given many of those don't support the regime and aren't doing anything themselves to fight Duchatelet but pontificating and telling others what they should be doing or not doing.

I am sure CARD will reflect on this but we have to ask ourselves what are we prepared to tolerate? I have been asking myself this question for a long time as any regular readers will know. I am simply not prepared to tolerate an absentee owner who has delegated his control and all practical management to an incompetent like Meire who has actively alienated the fanbase, shrunk the fabric of the club, seen us relegated, sacked seven managers so far and doesn't even know when she's telling lies because she tells them so often. The direction of the club is still trending downward and we are very obviously becoming a feeder club which is content to operate small-time and rely upon player sales to make up the running losses or even turn a small profit. 

What that means is that the match-day football will inevitably lack funding, ambition and long-term planning. That is exactly what we are now clearly witnessing and which is why the quality of the team is poor, why we have no continuity of management and why we are driving our fans away. Having missed five homes so far this season I see we have another uninspiring home game against MK Dons on Saturday in the Cup - sub-4000 anyone? It may be Karl Robinson's first full game in charge and against the side he took down with us last season but it's not one I can muster any enthusiasm for and I wonder how far I am away from packing it in altogether.

I hear rumours of potential buyers and Non-Disclosure Agreements and I read in the Standard tonight that the Saudi's are interested in buying a few London clubs that they would actively invest in and who could help them to establish clubs they own in the fledging domestic league. I am sure it could get worse than Duchatelet but it could also be so much better and it's a risk I would jump at. 

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