Sunday, 10 February 2019

Time for action

After another disappointing 'post-Karlan' result yesterday - a 1-1 draw against ten man Southend - it really is time that rank and file Charlton fans united to send Duchatelet another simple message.

Poor Lee Bowyer has made it very clear that he has been shafted by Duchatelet in the January window and left with very few attacking options. Shorne of Lyle Taylor through suspension, he was left to try and fashion something from the leftovers yesterday. Igor Vetekole started another quiet game and he really does look like he is past his previous best following successive injuries. Fosu and Mark Marshall also failed to ignite the blue touchpaper, with Fosu again lambasted by fans for his disinterested showing. Indeed, Bowyer himself was publicly critical of the pair in a rare move which shows his growing frustration and perhaps a last chance warning for the duo. 

Josh Parker did at least get a run out and looked ok by comparison with his colleagues but it's looking very difficult to see how we have any realistic chance of promotion from here. The automatics are effectively beyond us now and we look locked in for a fight to gain the last play-off place. Thankfully, we are not being pressed yet by any of those immediately around us - Peterborough lost again yesterday. Blackpool are the other side closest to us and whilst we have a nine point advantage, they do have a couple of games in hand and a six-pointer at the Valley looming large.

Bowyer is also talking publicly of his desperation to bring in a free-agent striker but options for anyone capable of making a difference look limited and he is also making it clear that he would need "the owner's agreement" which sounds like he has no mandate.

To make matters worse, we are all well aware that the majority of our squad effectively have no deal come June and that should be a very loud alarm bell ringing for Bowyer and Jackson. Dillon Phillips was renewed this week but the main problem remains and it includes Bowyer and Jackson. 

Irrespective of where De Turck might be with any fabled takeover - another entertaining update from the next Fans forum eagerly awaited - Roland Duchatelet needs to get his head out of his arse and sort this situation out before Bowyer and Jackson are made offers from elsewhere. 

My plea to season ticket holders is to refuse to renew until Bowyer and Jackson's future is secured. We may end up with half a team come June but with the right management set-up you have half-a-chance. Without it, we are in deep, deep trouble next season.

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