Sunday, 27 January 2019

Farewell Karlan

The South London Press is reporting that the latest player to be sold to help balance the books will be Karlan Grant (Ahearne-Grant). Absolutely no surprise here and in addition to him missing training on Friday, manager Lee Bowyer had no further comment when asked after the 0-0 draw at Peterborough yesterday. 

The rumour-mill has several clubs linked but desperate Huddersfield Town look likely to hand Roland Duchaletet something in the region of £1.5m in order to secure his services now and not have to wait until he is out-of-contract in June. Ordinarily it's the logical thing to do if you have failed to extend the players' contract and he is adamant he won't renew but that itself is a major failing, especially with a young player like Grant who I believe could have been encouraged to stay for another year or two and ensure his development towards the finished article rather than risk oblivion in someone else's backroom had it been managed properly and in good time.

It's a bit of a no-brainer for the 21-year old Charlton boy who has to try and secure his financial future. The Academy youth product has been a slow-burn since coming into the side but he has hit 14 goals this season (should have been 15 yesterday) and, more importantly, forged a real striking partnership with Lyle Taylor. To be fair to Grant, he has often played in weaker sides, coming on from the bench, often on his own upfront and never quite getting a settled run until this season. I think the Premier League will come too soon for Karlan but Championship football next year may give him a chance to establish himself in league above where we operate which I guess would represent a successful move.

In terms of the bigger picture, of course, it's just the latest annual Duchatelet mid-season weakening of the side. I have no doubt that Bowyer will be allowed to bring in yet another stop-gap on Grant's wages but that simply isn't good enough for a club the size of Charlton Athletic with its attendant ambitions. Lee Bowyer, too, must be wondering what chance he really has of achieving anything with us given the repeat behaviour. His own contract is up in six months time along with over a dozen of the existing squad. I can fully appreciate they have a backs-to-the-wall mentality which Bowyer is managing brilliantly but at some point it will be in spite of Charlton, not because of them. 

There were 2600 excited Addicks at Peterborough yesterday fuelled by a promotion optimism which looks hopelessly misplaced on the back of Grant being allowed to leave with Ajose having been moved on and Taylor still to serve another two-match suspension. You wouldn't run a pub team like this. Games-in-hand for those around us suggest that top-two will be out of reach and we are left with scrapping for the lottery of the play-offs. Can you imagine us going into the play-offs with most of the team due to see their contracts end the following week? Most will already have lined-up new clubs or at least determined to move on from Charlton. Doesn't fill you with any confidence does it?

A total collapse in season ticket sales is the only thing that might finally force Duchatelet to compromise sufficiently to sell the club but that seems a pipe-dream given the numbers who have renewed year-on-year irrespective. Will it never end?

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  1. Inevitable really, given your already posted reasons. I trust Bowyer to bring someone in of quality.... well, for League 1 anyway.

    Might seem harsh but personally I feel Grant is no more than an adequate striker, assisted in greater part by Taylor, hopefully he will continue to assist a replacement.

    Bowyer will undoubtedly be acquiring admiring glances and I'm convinced (takeover and promotion dependent) that he will be off in the summer, along with countless others.

    As they say, it's the hope, or lack of, that kills you.



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