Sunday, 6 May 2018

Rochdale 1 v Charlton Athletic 0

Another Charlton horror show on TV. Anyone, none-the-wiser, would have been forgiven for thinking it was a relegation dogfight with us going down. Not only was it a drab affair with hardly any quality anywhere on the pitch but after Rochdale took a second-half lead we failed to even try to get an equaliser. The players knew by then our play-off place was assured (courtesy of the Gills) but they had a duty to the end, if not to Oldham Athletic, to the travelling fans to have made a visible effort.

I don't think it would have affected the scoreline in any event because Zyro and Kaikai were woeful. We will need to be far better than we showed yesterday across the pitch if we are to beat Shrewsbury Town on Thursday.

Our supporters were magnificent throughout the game and there appears to be a real revival amongst the faithful in terms of numbers and vocal support. It's great to see the stirring after the these last five grim seasons and you have to hope it's a real sign of encouragement for prospective new owners. Still no firm takeover news but it does seem inconceivable that the Aussie consortium won't end up in control of the club if Duchatelet can see sense and draw a line under his ownership. The trouble, I suspect, is that he has a dilemma over the price he is being offered because it may represent a clear and visible failure in terms of a loss of money, something the locals in St. Truiden told us time and again he wouldn't take. Personally, I can't believe the figures being bandied about for the club given what he paid for us and the fact that the club has been relegated and run, commercially, into the ground under his tenure. He deserves a massive haircut so let's hoping we also get to laugh at that once new ownership finally arrives. 

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