Friday, 30 March 2018

Good Friday alright!

After 36.5 years, today was officially my last day with BT although I have been relaxing in Scotland since Tuesday and I am here for a fortnight more so it's been a good week. What's more, I have been offered a decent job on decent money when I get back so I am feeling chipper after a long period of uncertainty.

So, Lee Bowyer only goes and sticks two fingers-up to all the naysayers and potentially gives new incoming owners a big headache. A thumping 4-0 win at Northampton has really caught the eye and the side suddenly looks up for promotion. A third Bowyer win on Monday against play-off rivals Rotherham would likely see us back in the play-off places with a game or two in hand (Plymouth are away at Scunthorpe).

All we need is the takeover to be confirmed early next week and finally we can all move forward post-Duchatelet.

Did I mention I won £1037 on Leeds, Sheff Wednesday, Charlton and Plymouth? It really has been a Good Friday.


  1. Best of luck with the New job mate

  2. Glad it's all working our well for you mate.
    Should have taken a tub up with you.
    Welling called off moments before KO, when the referee walked over to the penalty area with both managers, threw the ball in the air, and all three of them got drenched due to the splash.
    Correct decision.
    Hoping Monday at Hampton doesn't suffer the same fate.


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