Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Blackpool 1 v Charlton Athletic 0 - bye-bye Robinson

A third successive defeat means we are now looking up from eighth place without the games in hand that for many weeks might, theoretically at least, put us back into a play-off spot. Five wins since October and this really has been a long time coming.

Surely now there can be no redemption for Karl Robinson. His refusal to look for an alternative formation looks incredibly na├»ve and he has built a mediocre squad he can't motivate. His constant bullshit is painful to listen to and now his team are crap to watch as well as painful to follow. 

He's unlikely to be sacked, just yet, of course because Duchatelet won't want to pay him a shekel  more than he has to and he doesn't really care about results anyway. There's hardly anyone left attending games to worry about and it looks like no-one at the club is interested in selling season tickets. Let's face it, there's very little management organisation left to make or take decisions anyway. 

The ruin of the club is nearly absolute, although to my mind it needs one last relegation to the fourth division for it to be complete. Duchatelet will probably be spared that last stain but he's done practically everything else possible to reduce us to a tier four outfit.

So, I suppose all eyes and ears turn to Dickie Murray now. C'mon Richard, let's be having you....the next joke will be a failed takeover at the eleventh hour because the Belgian Idiot is deluded and has even managed to fuck that up.

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  1. Robinson's Post Match Drivel:

    "People may say we were unlucky to conceded in the last minute.......I have to take responsibility,"

    "The players are all very disappointed......I have to take responsibility."

    "There's no point in blaming the referee......The defeat is my fault."

    "Would any manger be able to deal with the number of injuries we have....I have to take responsibility."

    See what he's doing here? He doesn't, it's just a natural defensive mechanism when he has no excuses.


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