Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Any play-off push may come in April

Been looking at the forthcoming fixtures and March looks a tricky month. Peterborough away isn't a happy hunting ground for us and I can't see us coming back with anything on Saturday. Posh also have the incentive of leap-frogging us in the table and the sides immediately below them all have winnable home games. Realistically we could drop a number of places this weekend.

Then we go to Blackpool in the week and that won't be easy. They are struggling for points but have been winning games of late and they will see us as beatable.

Fleetwood at the Valley a week on Saturday must be an opportunity for points before we face another home game against high-riding Plymouth Argyle. 

Mercifully, the fixtures look much easier in April. Sure, some of those strugglers will find form through necessity but I reckon we will take more points than in March and we may need them and our games in hand to catch sixth place. The hullaballoo over "pikey-gate" will have died down by then and there is a chance we might have one or two of the long-term injured back to bolster the squad.

I can't see us doing it, as I have said for ages, primarily because we lack firepower. There, I have given my opinion of how it may pan out - hopefully I am proven wrong.

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