Thursday, 8 February 2018

Hold your breath....

A rare moment in the history of the Fans Forum. Actual news from the donkey's mouth so-to-speak that, for once, gives us a real forward-looking update on Duchatelet's exit plans. Broken by CAST, the news is good;

- The takeover is still on and Richard Murray is still saying it will be concluded this month.
- There are two parties as long rumoured, with one closer to a deal.
- He believes it's a 'lock, stock and barrel' deal that will mean no risk of Duchatelet still having an interest over the Valley or Sparrows Lane.
- No mention, to his knowledge, of any proposed plans to leave the Valley.

This reinforces what the most well-informed Charlton Athletic supporter (Airman Brown) has been telling us, which is doubly encouraging. 

The price and any key terms of the deal will be the next thing everyone will want to know. Hopefully, Duchatelet's inept ownership and mismanagement of the club will now crystallise into a heavy loss which might teach him a lesson, although I suspect he's beyond learning given his often deluded ramblings on topical Charlton matters. 

It's important for the future of the club that whoever the buyers are - and the Aussies are still favourite - that they have sufficient funds left with which to operate the club successfully and carry out their plan over the next few years to bring promotion to the team, recover the fan-base and make a commercial success of of running the club which will safeguard the future.

Hold your breath!

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