Thursday, 5 October 2017

Karl Robinson ups the ante

Hot on the heels of his comments about 'guarantees' of transfer funding for January, Karl Robinson's latest press talk reveals what the supporters have always known and that was Ademola Lookman was sold in part to cover Sparrows Lane development costs as well as to offset the annual operating loss. 

Karl is now saying that "I think if Esra goes, people have to be aware that we have to have an injection to make this team better." My take here is that there are either firm plans to spend in January or else Karl Robinson is drawing a line in the new turf that enables him to excuse any failure to get promoted and publicly place a 'lack of backing' for Charlton's failure to return to the Championship under his management.


  1. DDTG - it takes a certain skill to see dark clouds in every silver lining! Glass half empty of course does ensure you will never be disappointed. COYA

  2. Simon - years of experience following Charlton I suppose, heightened by the irony of the last three years under Roland Duchatelet where the club has been cynically mis-managed by the Belgians who finally gave up trying to convince us that we were the problem. Cynicism of age too, not aided by my workplace, but there is truth in your words. I hope I am proved wrong and that Robinson is finally given proper financial support to "have a right go," However, it would be the first window since FFP fell apart if Duchatelet spends money on the squad he doesn't have to. Robinson has said what he has for a reason and you are right, I won't be (so) disappointed if my instinct here is correct.

  3. Dave- good honest words. I too have seen it all before like you through think and thin. I just have decided that it’s better to be positive and from time to time disappointed than always expecting the worst and occasionally being pleasantly surprised. In reality it’s probably 50 50 either way anyway. ! Let’s hope we are pleasantly surprised in January. COYR


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