Monday, 2 October 2017

Fleetwood 1 v Charlton Athletic 3

A weekend away with a large party and a packed agenda meant I had to rely up score updates from others. I was down near Uckfield which appears to have next to no mobile coverage. Anyway, the news was good as we recorded a convincing away win against a side who are likely to be competing with us for a top-ten finish.

It was a surprise last night to hear that Tarique Fosu has added himself to our legend of hat-trick scorers. I have yet to see Tarique play but the reports have been mixed and it is some feat for a winger to score a hat-trick. I have yet to see the goals but there is also some inference that he was fortunate to score three times but whatever, that's what he did and he won the game. The surprise injury that Robinson alluded to in the week was clearly Chris Solly as Esra Konsa came in to the righ-back position. Let's hope that's a tiredness injury and not something that will keep him out for any length of time. The three points lifts us back up to fifth and must serve as a well-needed confidence boost after some poorer displays and failures to grasp or hold onto opportunities.

Karl Robinson has taken the decision to postpone Saturday's home match against Peterborough on account of us having the requisite three players (Magennis, Da Silva and Konsa) on international duty. I am not always convinced re-playing midweek suits us but given our current squad limitations and dependence on Josh Magennis, it's the correct decision.

Karl has also now said that Duchatelet has 'guaranteed' him money for the January transfer window if we are challenging for promotion so he can "have a right go." I have no doubt that there has been a discussion around this, as I am sure there has been in each of the subsequent seasons with the incumbent. Whether it's quite a 'guarantee' is something else and it was very interesting to hear Robinson also say that answering the question 'might get me into trouble.' Irrespective, I think it's helpful that Karl has put this out there and help set the expectation. Who knows, it might even force Roland's hand a bit to provide him with more funds than intended, if indeed, there was ever any intention.


  1. Don’t know where you got the inference he was “fortunate to score three times” from, they were three well worked goals scored respectively with his head, left foot and right foot. The cynic in me thinks your source is a Card carryng member of the anti Robinson, Fosu Henry is rubbish brigade.

  2. Keith,

    There was confusion on the Sky report of the first goal as to whether it was Sarr or Fosu. There was also some suggestion on the post-match thread questioning the hat-trick which I thought might be connected with the Sky mix-up e.g. maybe Sarr got a touch or Fosu did to a Sarr effort, hence "some inference that he was fortunate." The questioning might have been simple surprise that anyone had scored a hat-trick. The last thing I saw from CARD was a statement praising Robinson's start in spite of less than fulsome support in the transfer market. Not sure CARD take a stance on players although Fosu appears to be doing very well for a youngster.



  3. I think you've been visited by the Charlton media consultants again Dave!

    I thought Fosu played really well in the first few games, but didn't play well against Southend, and had a mare against the Gills where he failed to take three good chances. Against Bury he really tried hard to make things happen in Ricky's absence, but it rarely came off for him. There were plenty on Charlton Life who berated him for that, but an equal number who saw that he was trying to be our play maker. I fall into the latter camp - it wasn't going well for him but he didn't hide and kept looking for the ball. I am so pleased for him that he got that hat trick - should do wonders for him. Although he theoretically plays wide, Robinson has the attacking midfielders regularly swapping positions, and I think it says much for all of them that they can do so effectively for some periods of the game.

    How many times has the Rat told us he will reinforce at xmas if we have chance of promotion?

    Pembury Addick

  4. “Visited by the Charlton media consultants again” is well off the mark. I’m a season ticket holder, VG member living in Manchester🤔. Lancashire Red who does the football stats on CL could vouch for me.


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