Thursday, 19 October 2017

Aussie takeover back on!

At long last, news that a takeover is back on and that it's still the Aussies. Rick Everitt has once again sniffed it out at VOTV which always gives me more confidence because he is a good judge of when it's safe to say something and when it isn't.

No doubt there will be hurdles left but hopefully nothing like Theresa May's Brexit negotiations. The story fits given the continuing effective absence of Katrien Meire and the lack of any real financial commitment on the player front or any other front this year. The fact that it's still the Aussies supports a view that they didn't go away and that negotiations have continued, albeit that the previous leakage may not have helped things along. 

If it is Andrew Muir, as I am sure it is if Rick is willing to give us a name, then I am happy with whatever he and the Australian Football Consortium bring to the table. Anything but the hopelessly out-of-touch Belgians who took three years to learn some basic lessons about how to deal with football supporters and even then were reliant upon expensive PR people to tell them and get hands on with the decision-making.

Let's all hope and pray that this is finally the deal that gets done and we are shot of Roland Duchatelet and his Harridan.

My personal hope is that I haven't lost too much love for the Old Girl in the meantime. That remains to be seen.


  1. My sentiments precisely. Some forget that we welcomed Duchatelet when he bought our club. He destroyed that goodwill.

  2. Indeed they do BA, indeed they do. I have delved deep into the archives to summarise my views at the time he took over.

    Laughable now to consider he would be listening to anyone, let alone Murray. What if he had appointed Varney instead of his neighbour's daughter? All we can say is that nothing could have really gone any worse for him. History will not look favourably on him.

  3. By The Old Girl I assume you don't mean Miss Meire.....! I hope this isn't another false dawn. Never mind promotion this is overriding importance so that the club can truly rise again. The club has to rediscover its true identity, something that has almost been destroyed under Roly. Of course it could be some time yet and one is hesitant to lavish praise on potential new owners given what's gone before. However you'd be hard pushed to be worse than Roly and co. As much as anything I'd be keen to see what happens with our CEO. Outside of Duchatelet's employ I can't see her doing ought and certainly not as high profile as her current role. Mind you the FA seems to find a place for even the most incompetent people so she may not be lost to football yet !

  4. No I don't mean Meire Phil! Hard to think she would have any currency left with the FA if no longer involved in football. I am told she's a standing joke at the FA anyway but her inclusion ticks boxes.


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