Monday, 18 September 2017

Richard Collins RIP

So sorry to learn  of the death of former Charlton Athletic board stalwart, Richard Collins. Needless to say, Richard was a huge Addicks fan and one who served the club as Director, Managing Director and Chairman for a long spell in the 1980's. He stepped up in difficult times and was part of the "consortium" including Fryer and Sunley who saved the club from extinction after the Mark Hulyer debacle. 

Richard was from that era when local businessmen (I think it was all men) who were doing well could get involved and make a difference if they had cash to spare and an over-developed sense of loyalty. Collins memorably drove a Roller with personalised plates and I always felt a bizarre sense of reassurance whenever I saw him entering or leaving the Valley. Amazing to think it's the players who drive the big motors today and the Chairmen are billionaires, not millionaires.

When the time is right, it would be good to see Richard's contribution to Charlton Athletic recognised in an appropriate way. 


  1. My friend for 20 years and fellow Director for 13, lovely man and sat with me for all that time watching my daughters grow up and assisting my eldest Alexandra to become a Chartered Surveyor ,just like him. She was with him Tuesday at his last game and is rightly broken hearted. I shall miss him match day and his company, one of the nice guys on the Board and a true Gentlemen.
    Bob Whitehand

  2. Thanks for commenting Bob - good to hear from someone who obviously knew Richard well - a fine tribute.


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