Friday, 25 August 2017

Robinson - "Squad strong enough now for automatic promotion"

The club's website has today confirmed that two bids have been made for a striker but both turned down and the suggestion is that the price being asked is too high. Given the word on the street is that Robinson was telling fans last weekend we have had an offer of £1.2m turned down for Will Grigg, you have to assume that there is some truth in this but that Grigg won't be leaving mighty Wigan unless they can bring a better option in their opinion for that money in the meantime.

Robinson has also told KentLive this week that he believes the squad is strong enough today to make automatic promotion with or without any additional striker. He also says we made a bid for David Ball from Rotherham during the Summer but were turned down on that also (what price he scores againot us tomorrow). Sounds very much like Karl knows we are short upfront but is either putting a brave face on it or is continuing to manage expectations in the hope he gets someone in before the window closes next week. The Lee Novak situation will also be interesting in that Novak wants away and it's hard to keep a anyone focused and committed if their heart is not in it. Maybe we will see one in and one out that might not improve the situation?

Karl's tendency to prattle on and waffle is also evident when he talks about having to keep everyone fit (in order to sustain a promotion challenge). He says it as if we can somehow guarantee that by working hard at it. The reality in today's game is players will succumb to pulls and tears and no-one can legislate for bad tackles. We have already lost Magennis to injury this season, so the writing is on the wall.

It really is looking like we are again left trying to throw a double-six in order to get back to where we were when Duchatlet bought us.

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