Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Robinson gives up on new striker

Karl Robinson may have sounded like he's been playing spoof in the media with other clubs over the last few weeks in terms of his efforts to strengthen Charlton's striking options. You could argue he is still doing it with this week's latest pronouncement in the SLP, but it sounds very much to me that he's finally putting a brave face on a constricted budget.

He might also be leveraging his current position publicly to help build expectation and pressure on the owner to put his hand in his pocket come January, IF we are challenging for promotion. Sounds to me very much like the previous Duchatelet/Meire position when the aim was to be "competitive in the Championship with ambitions for the Premier League." They said at that time that they might spend in January, IF we were challenging for promotion. As we know that never happened. Instead they sacked Bob Peeters when we had the best of their first half-seasons rather than back him.

Once again Robinson's words are frustrating. He says it might be the time "press the button" on a signing, implying thats all he has to do. He goes on to say that if we are competing in January "they will be knocking on the door...saying go and get the best striker you can buy." Clearly they (Duchatelet and Meire) haven't been saying that in this window or knocking on the door. What does "get the best striker you can buy" mean? Surely he means 'get the best striker you can within the budget.' He's been trying to do that in this window but the likes of Wigan and Bristol City have been able to laugh off our offers for their squad strikers and demand unrealistically high fees because we are the mighty Charlton.

I am no fan of Robinson but he appears he could be turning a corner as things stand and if the owner and CEO agree, now is the time to help him, not hope we can compete with only two proven strikers and youngsters. Why would Duchatelet spend in January rather than say let's see if we can do it without spending? Maybe they will give him the money needed but perhaps it would come from a Lookman-type exit. If there isn't more money, why would the likes of Wigan or Bristol City do a deal with us in January unless we are paying more than offered in the close season? Robinson seems to think prices fall in January when demand is greater!

I find myself feeling sorry for Robinson this evening and perhaps affording him the credit of doing his best in difficult circumstances and treading what might be a difficult line between his budget and managing supporter expectations.


  1. It looks like we are becoming a breeding ground for developing players who, when sold, will booster Roland's bank account. How sad.

  2. Trevor - nothing new for us I guess. The huge difference and biggest regret is that we have our wealthiest ever owner by a country mile, a man who unlike any of our previous owners doesn't care a jot about our club or it's history. He simply wants to walk away having not lost any money and will do whatever he needs to do in order to achieve that, including running the club on a shoestring.

  3. Not sure I agree with you. I'm more than happy with the work Robinson has done on squad and team building. There seems to be a good spirit about the place and the football we play looks purposefull and attractive

    A short while back he was praising RD and KM gor backing him on the signing of Ben Reeves, an out of contract player who arrived for free. Last january he said he didn't want to spend the Lookman money as the january window was notoriously difficult. In april he highlighted the need for a striker, but the only movement has been Ajose, Vetokele and Watt leaving. He has offered praise for Meire and Duch various times when he would have done much better to stay out of politics and look to the playing side. And they appear to have repaid him the same way they have dealt with every manager, by stiffing him financially at tge end of the window. And he would have us believe we can get on a nig name striker in january 'if' we are in the frame.
    I'll wait out today, but he has dug himself a big hole with his disconnected interview quote's and if we hit injuries in november, his lies and his idiotic defense of an SMT we know better than he does will look very very silly.
    Ken Shabby

  4. 10.45pm Transfer Deadline; Novak moves permanently to Scunthorpe to be replaced by Joe Dodoo, a player in Rangers books who played 20 games last season and netted 3 (three) times. A desperate, face-saving signing. Some people still can't see it.


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