Thursday, 31 August 2017

Desperation stakes

A couple of weeks praying for an additional experienced striker and on the last night of the window we move Novak out and bring in Joe Dodoo!

A 22 year old who played 20 times for Rangers last year scoring, er, three times (not a hat-trick). On Saturday we go to bottom-placed Oldham without an experienced striker. It's Dodoo or a youngster. Three goals between them.

Proof, if any needed, that Duchatelet won't invest a penny more and the club is being run on a fixed budget and is simply not geared for a promotion challenge. Time for Robinson to wake up and get real. His hands are tied and nothing is going to change whilst Duchatelet calls the shots.


  1. 1st September - Andrew Crofts contract by mutual consent. First team squad now down to 21/22. Further evidence of budget trimming. He was signed last year, made 46 appearances and extended his contract in the Summer. Can't see Robinson being enamoured with this. Not one to build a Championship side around but able enough for League 1 and his departure leaves us even more dependent on youth in the event of injuries and suspensions.

  2. We've needed that second striker to play lone man since Karl arrived last January and we end up with a last minute loan of unproven quality...That phrase of "spoiling the ship for a h'appenth of tar" comes to mind. the Rat is just about giving Karl enough for an outside shot at promotion but no more. What a terrible shame as this seems like a missed opportunity.

    Pembury Addick


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