Friday, 24 March 2017

Season Tickets 2017-18

The Regime have stalled with their PR push to sell next year's season tickets. Uncertainty concerning which division they will be marketing these for has been the main reason. The club have been waiting for some certainty that it will be League One but recent form means there is still a question-mark over whether or not it could yet be League Two.

Push has come to shove and it looks very likely that renewal letters will start dropping through letterboxes early next week. Expect no surprises. I expect prices to be similar to this season with the known exception that they are removing the opportunity to purchase lower cost 'wing' tickets in the East and West. Instead of admitting defeat and simply standardising pricing, they have decided to try and spin it by suggesting their primary driver is to improve the atmosphere by concentrating the remaining fans in those stands by closing the two end blocks nearest the away fans. It really is insulting but those Pitch guys need to justify their retainer.

For those thinking of renewing, I would hope they will at least hold off until it's clear what commitment has been made to next season. That would realistically mean waiting until the end of July to see if Duchatelet is still the owner, Robinson still in charge and just what investment has been made in the squad versus who has been released or sold off.

Personally, I would love to see the majority going match-by-match and creating a performance-related incentive for Meire and Duchatelet which means if we get a repeat of the dross of the last three years, they won't get any money, rather than them having already raked in season ticket monies and being able to declare attendances way in excess of those actually bothered to suffer it.

Obviously, all of us bar the Flat Earth Society hope and pray that we will have ambitious new owners well before August and we can all show our gratitude and commitment by renewing at the earliest possible moment.

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