Friday, 3 March 2017

Desperation Stakes

Tomorrow, over 1500 desperate Charlton fans will make journeys in opposition directions in the hope of salvation for their club. Thousands more will follow the fortunes of both sets of fans from the comfort and security of their front rooms.

Approximately 1300 will head 68 miles up the M1 to Northampton in a desperate bid to see their side secure three vital points to help stave off what would be a second successive relegation under the disastrous ownership of billionaire Duchatelet. The majority of those would have committed to the trip long before the three losses suffered in the last eight days. Just as well or there might be fewer travelling than the 250 making the 276 mile haul to St. Truiden in a desperate bid to finally convince Duchatelet that it really is in his best interests to cut his losses and let someone with ambition and a genuine interest takeover.

The vast majority of those fans travelling tomorrow will be supportive of those taking the opposite journey because we all want the same thing at the end of the day -footballing sucess for Charlton Athletic. The protesting Addicks in Belgium will be joined by local STVV fans who, inspired by the visitors example, have formed their own anti-Duchatelet protest group. The inescapable fact linking both groups is the shared hopelessness and lack of ambition both clubs have suffered under Duchatelet. 

If Karl Robinson has lost the dressing room, as feared, I fully expect the Cobblers to inflict a fifth defeat in six matches and have alarm bells in South-East Seven screaming. I am pretty sure those at Sixfields will make their displeasure with the Regime just as vocally as the 500 (or however many March in total) who leave the town centre in St. Truiden as the Northampton match ends.

If you are making the effort tomorrow to travel in either direction, I salute you.


Unknown said...

You really are a piece of work aren't you. The trip to Belgium will not make a blind bit of difference

Dave said...

None so blind as those few who cannot see.

Anonymous said...

Why do we have this war amongst supporters ? All fans want the same. A decently run club not one hurling to destruction. Support the team, support the protests it's the same thing

Dave said...

That's my view. There's no war is there? Some people tired of protesting at home which is why CARD reigned it in.